Adrian Martinez

Manila, Philippines

I belong to the last generation that remembers how things were before the Internet, but unlike most of them, I look forward to what the future brings. I call myself a philosopher and have been trained as such. My thinking is decidedly ancient Greek: I agree with Socrates that there is only one good: knowledge, and that there is only one evil: ignorance. I agree with Aristotle that puns are a sublime form of humor. And I think Epicurus got it right about the good life: it consists of drink, food, friends, and a garden.

5 stories by Adrian Martinez

How to Think Like Jules Verne or HG Wells

Jules Verne and HG Wells are considered giants in science fiction, if not THE giants.

Sep 22 · 2 min read >

Aikido: The Practice of Peace

When I was a student of Philosophy back in the early ‘80s, I struggled with the problem of violence...

Sep 19 · 2 min read >

What are Role-Playing Games?

With popular shows such as The Big Bang Theory and Stranger Things featuring role-playing games, specifically Dungeons & Dragons,...

Sep 16 · 2 min read >

Metro Manila Traffic: An Immodest Proposal

To compare the traffic problem of Metro Manila to the Gordian Knot would be an understatement, but it does...

Sep 8 · 3 min read >