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The New Intimacy: Is there really a pot of gold at the foot of the rainbow? Eindhoven, September 2020 – Bianca Carague,...

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The New Intimacy: Is there really a pot of gold at the foot of the rainbow?

Eindhoven, September 2020 – Bianca Carague, the whiz graduate of Design Academy Enidhoven has come up with a virtual realm and community “Bump Galaxy” destined for mental healthcare, inspired by the open-world sandbox game more commonly known as Minecraft. Her graduation project became of extreme importance in times of pandemic in which a need arises for an extraordinary intimacy without physical presence. This has been developed using digital platforms. Bump Galaxy will be showcased in the Design Academy Eindhoven graduation show during the Dutch Design Week 2020, which is intentionally entitled as “The New Intimacy”.

Bianca Carague, the person behind the intelligent, Bump Galaxy, revolutionized the healthcare industry by bridging the gap together all over the globe, knowledge worlds, and care practices. This virtual platform tailored for mental health makes it broad and cost-efficient, extending the hands of reach of its services. With the power of eyeing psychology ideas incorporated in a virtual landscape, caring does not only mean feelings but it becomes a way of life, adding playfulness and collaboration. Identifying the lines between care giver and care receiver.

In the online platform of Bump Galaxy, community members virtually meet mental health professionals from all over the globe and can touch base with Care commons such as snowfield and underwater scenery to release trauma with the use of hypnotic visualizations or forests for meditation to pave the way through the subconscious.

In these Care Commons, the health specialists work hand in hand on collaborative care schemes. Try to visualize a joint therapy session with a hypnotherapist from Japan and a relationship counselor from Sweden. As the realm evolves, so does our existence, making the platform an exact reflection of the collective healing of the community.

“So what does it mean to bump into each other actually? It means to gently collide, in surprising and meaningful ways pregnant with possibility. Let’s build a world where caring for each other means playing together because we are living in a game world, one in which we can modify the code if we like.” Bianca Carague stated.

The project emanated as a critique of the ideas of the capitalists encoded behind most video game mechanics. Laying down to come up with a substitute reality or artificial intelligence within a production-centric world-making scheme like the famous Minecraft. Even before the emergence of the pandemic brought about by the COVID-19 virus, Bianca had already started helping people with depression and anxiety disorders using a private Minecraft server with the use of game-specific tools, mechanics, and rituals.

During the quarantine, Carague spoke with several healthcare practitioners who also have the same levels of idea and agreed that it does not make sense to pay rent for a clinic since physical interaction between parties had been restricted. Bianca thought that this is a pity, since the world has seen exponential growth in demand in terms of mental healthcare services. As of this year, scarcity has been prevalent in their capacity to supply such.

Carague has propagated her server into a much bigger one destined for group meditations, events, and virtual therapy. It solidly results in a realm tailored for intimacy less proximity, something that she believes the realm of healthcare is lacking. She acknowledges that her role as a designer is not the one that heals. She only acts as mediator between individuals, players, practitioners; bridging the gap so they can care for each other since she firmly believes that it is relying on each other that the world can finally start to unravel and modify infrastructure in the healthcare industry that is actually of demand.

With its design platform on the basis of neuroscience and psychology, the online realm’s tools, aesthetics, mechanics and game-specific rituals for care reinforce psychological and emotional growth within. Performing therapy on video games (game-world therapy as she regards it) Bianca reiterated, is similar to watching a play or movie where a person is cognitively predisposed to the realm of make-believe, making it a lot efficient for internal change and deep healing.

Bump Galaxy will be showcased in the Design Academy Graduation exhibition in Campina Milk Factory on dates October 17-25. Relevant and very timely during pandemic, the project is tailor fit for Dutch Design Week 2020’s theme, “The New Intimacy” as it penetrates the online realm of mental healthcare.


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